My closet got out of control…Texas couldn’t decide which season it wanted, travel, and it’s been hockey season since last August…it was a disaster. We’re getting ready for a weekend out of town which will include a day at the water park. First…that’s a major step for me. Before bypass, I hated reasons to be […]

What’s underneath

It’s no secret this has been a long journey. From the life-changing gastric bypass on November 5, 2018 to the skin removal adventure of early 2021. When I started the blog, it was a way to put out there all they I experienced. I started with just a semi-anonymous Facebook page that the blog fed […]

Looking back…and a little travel

Facebook memories are my favorite. They have wonderful little glimpses of my kids when they were little and/or hysterically funny and they also show me how far I’ve come. Two years ago…and I can hardly believe it’s been two years…we had the annual banquet for work. I remember that day and that top. I had […]

Face to Face Friday

In the Weightloss Surgery (WLS) Community, we celebrate our successes in our WLS journey with Face to Face Friday. I had a revision to my skin removal surgery this week. My surgeon didn’t like how it was healing. I had time on my hands while I was recuperating. I found the picture from before my […]

Update on skin removal

I had skin removal surgery on 7 January. I think it’s gone pretty well. I’m not sure the surgeon would agree. The drains sucked. One cause a good deal of pain…and it got pulled early. The other one came out at about two weeks – our discussions were much longer than 2 weeks there was […]

WAY, and I mean WAY, out of my comfort zone…

After last night’s post…And while I was getting ready this morning, I was thinking about the pictures documenting “before” surgery. It’s the first work day of 2021 and a short week for me…surgery is Thursday. I was putting on the tights and muttering about them not setting right. So…I decided to document. I don’t know […]

Man…I missed it.

I had planned to have a post reflecting on the last two years for the anniversary of my surgery and I missed it. Life has been crazy busy. I’m a wife and a mom. My kids have school (currently in person…but who knows) and activities. My mother-in-law is in the final stages of dementia and […]

There’s a story…

There always is, right? Wayyyy back when my husband and I got married, he went to Korea (six weeks after the wedding…) for a one year unaccompanied tour. I found these wool jumpers on his favorite website, L.L. Bean. Paired with a black turtleneck and black tights…I loved it. He came back, life happened, jobs […]

Bored Surgeon

It’s a little early since my surgery was 11/5/18, but to day was my 2 year gastric bypass follow up. My actual surgeon is deployed, so I met one of the other surgeons. He told me he was bored. I’m sure even the little bit he could see of my face (because of the mask) […]