My why…

The kids are getting older. It’s harder to buy for them at Christmas. Before the world shut down, we tried to do more experiences at Christmas and kind of defaulted to Disney. We actually went to Disney 7 weeks after my bypass surgery. The older my kids have gotten the more I realized my pre-surgery […]

Three (3!!!!) Years

I missed the date last year. This year…I’m sure to miss it again, so I’m starting early. I’ve tried to be honest when I blog. The weight-loss surgery journey is not a straight line and it definitely has its challenges – and a LOT of those are mental. I’ve been reviewing my journey and thinking […]


My closet got out of control…Texas couldn’t decide which season it wanted, travel, and it’s been hockey season since last August…it was a disaster. We’re getting ready for a weekend out of town which will include a day at the water park. First…that’s a major step for me. Before bypass, I hated reasons to be […]

What’s underneath

It’s no secret this has been a long journey. From the life-changing gastric bypass on November 5, 2018 to the skin removal adventure of early 2021. When I started the blog, it was a way to put out there all they I experienced. I started with just a semi-anonymous Facebook page that the blog fed […]

Looking back…and a little travel

Facebook memories are my favorite. They have wonderful little glimpses of my kids when they were little and/or hysterically funny and they also show me how far I’ve come. Two years ago…and I can hardly believe it’s been two years…we had the annual banquet for work. I remember that day and that top. I had […]

Face to Face Friday

In the Weightloss Surgery (WLS) Community, we celebrate our successes in our WLS journey with Face to Face Friday. I had a revision to my skin removal surgery this week. My surgeon didn’t like how it was healing. I had time on my hands while I was recuperating. I found the picture from before my […]

Update on skin removal

I had skin removal surgery on 7 January. I think it’s gone pretty well. I’m not sure the surgeon would agree. The drains sucked. One cause a good deal of pain…and it got pulled early. The other one came out at about two weeks – our discussions were much longer than 2 weeks there was […]

WAY, and I mean WAY, out of my comfort zone…

After last night’s post…And while I was getting ready this morning, I was thinking about the pictures documenting “before” surgery. It’s the first work day of 2021 and a short week for me…surgery is Thursday. I was putting on the tights and muttering about them not setting right. So…I decided to document. I don’t know […]

Man…I missed it.

I had planned to have a post reflecting on the last two years for the anniversary of my surgery and I missed it. Life has been crazy busy. I’m a wife and a mom. My kids have school (currently in person…but who knows) and activities. My mother-in-law is in the final stages of dementia and […]