Update and travel thoughts

Monday is 9 weeks. I’ve lost about 30 pounds since surgery and 50 or so over all. I’ve lost 15 inches.

It’s all going pretty well. I’m back to “regular” food and still finding the balance between protein and water. It’s a lot to get in and track in a day. I have no pain and I haven’t had any terrible effects…I have learned if something doesn’t sit well, it doesn’t take too long for that uneasy feeling to pass…

I took my first plane trip since surgery to go to Disney World for Christmas. My youngest was my seat mate and when I buckled, he said “Mom, you don’t need the extender!” Nope…and I was fine in the middle seat!

Rides were more comfortable. I had more energy. I wore sneakers instead of flip flops…used to be sneakers contributed to a different challenge.

Clothes were a challenge…right now I’m like my kids. I’m changing super fast…it’s hard to keep clothes that fit…

Food was a challenge. I hadn’t re-introduced a lot of food after surgery and didn’t want adverse reactions…but I did okay. I didn’t meat protein goals…I’m working harder on that now. Water is a challenge…I’ve discovered in the last week or so I can drink almost normally…multiple sips at a time. That helps get the water in.

It’s all a learning curve…and I’m getting there.

One thought on “Update and travel thoughts

  1. I am so happy for you. I remember Peg weighing herself for the first time after her surgery at my house. She and Mom had come out and she decided to brave my scale. She had lost 35 lbs and we both cried. I know the journey you are on, I pray for you and I’m rooting for you. You will be successful and you are young enough to enjoy your life with your kids and they are old enough to be very proud of you! It isn’t an easy thing to do. Use your support groups, they will help you. I remember Peg having some plateau’s, you have a while for those but I do remember that they pass so don’t get frustrated. I love you Chrissytine!


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