Making it known…

I’ve thought a lot about sharing my journey more publicly. Right now, my husband, kids, parents, siblings and some friends know. I guess I mean up til now, that’s who knows. Also, I am not so good evading when asked a direct question. It’s becoming more obvious…and that will yield questions.

While there is still somewhat of a stigma, I’m not terribly concerned about my remaining friends and family knowing. I’m not even worried about others finding out. I hope that other bariatric patients stumble on this blog and it helps them and/or they feel comfortable to reach out.

I’ve been very lucky…the process to get to surgery was smooth. I was able to knock out the requirements quickly. I had a visit with a surgeon on July 6, 2018, for something unrelated. The surgeon brought up bariatric surgery and had the coordinator come in and talk to me. And I was off like a shot…I completed everything as quick as I could and met the actual surgeon who did my surgery on October 1. He was ready to schedule then…I had some plans that needed to be worked around…and I didn’t want to wait until January/February. He and I agreed on a timeframe after my business trip but still allowed for enough healing (ideally) before Disney.

November 5 was the day. The surgeon was schedule for the surgical robot that day too. As explained to me, it assist with laparoscopic surgeries…I’m not sure, the surgeon seemed pleased.

Surgery went well. Ultimately, I chose the RNY gastric bypass because of some possible side effects of the gastric sleeve and the bypass has been done much longer. I also had my gallbladder out…it was stoney and I wanted it out as long as he was in there.

I was lucky to have good nurses in the hospital. The first day was a little rough… it got better each day. I got to go home on Thursday.

Post-surgery has been pretty smooth. I’ve been lucky with minimal bad effects as I worked through adding foods back. The biggest struggle is getting the balance of protein, carbs and water.

There it is…I’ve put it out for family and friends. I’m not going to share every blog post to Facebook. Feel free to subscribe if you want to follow along.

2 thoughts on “Making it known…

  1. Chris! This is wonderful. I’m so excited to follow the new healthy you! I love you and prayers for your balance of food and for continued healing and enjoying your steps. Love you


  2. Eating changes will happen and the family needs to be combined in that same changing . So you’re not just doing this for yourself you’re actually making your family healthier as well, so you are just super champion and you just keep up the good work you’ll be fine


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