Losing…so many things…

Losing weight…losing inches…losing track of time. I swear I think a couple times a week of something I want to write…but the moment passes and I never make it…

I just passed 15 weeks. Three and a half months. It goes so fast.

I still work on hitting protein and water goals. I stay on target most of the time. Balance is tough and planning ahead is key. Travel is a level of planning all in its own…especially air travel. But I can’t live in a bubble…

Today is Tuesday. On bariatric Facebook pages (I visit them…not live in them…) it’s called Transformation Tuesday. Before I had my surgery, one of my friends said keep the clothes from those pictures…you’ll want to see how far you’ve come.

It’s hard to maneuver pictures on the app…the comparison of Nov, Dec, and Jan is below. The other 4 are from today: the blue shirt/jeans are the clothes I wore in pre-surg pictures; the others are (much) smaller clothes I wear for now.

2019…the year of putting me at the front of the line. Making progress and taking care of me (and everyone else, too)

Thanks for joining mean my journey!

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