T-shirt Dress

I never liked T-shirt dresses…not when I was 145 pounds and certainly not at the highest – although I would end up in one from time to time.

I found the cutest pair of shoes and they arrived over the weekend (Poshmark is a DANGEROUS thing for me to know about…). This morning, I set the shoes out and then went through my closet.

I learned…I have more things that don’t fit. Also, it’s spring in Central Texas – and that rivals summers in some places. That means I need to do more shopping…

But I found a T-shirt dress that I had ordered from Amazon. Don’t judge…cheap clothes are my jam right now. It was a little snug when it arrived, but today, it looked super cute with my shoes, if I do say so myself.

Even hubby said it looks awesome…after I stood in front of him looking and waiting expectantly.

In the surgery groups…this is called a non-scale victory.

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