It’s always a challenge when you set out on a big change to maintain your motivation and inspiration. Weight loss and/or life changes seem to be among the toughest.

It’s well documented that the surgery is not 100% successful. I still have to watch my eating, nutrition and exercise…ugh. More on exercise in a different post.

I changed some of my eating habits long ago so some of this wasn’t hard. I’ve learned a lot about WHAT I should be eating since beginning this journey. I’ve also learned my body doesn’t always follow the “norm” on this weight loss thing.

Because of the random rebellion to my directions, I am always looking for inspiration to help keep my mind moving forward. Having good friends to help balance you out is also so important – like everything else, it’s SO easy to get discouraged and lose site sight of the progress.

I find quotes all the time and memes that save. I find them in my photo array when I’m doing something else and it really helps find those treasures.

Below are some I’ve found in the last week or so.

Maintaining a positive outlook and attitude are important in everything. This journey is no different.

Thanks for joining me!


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