I’m at 78-80 pound loss. To me, it’s amazing and wonderful. I don’t always see the change in the mirror. If there is something to compare to, I see it right off. The clothes are smaller but I don’t always think I look different.

I found my upper pelvis this week. I took a sassy pose at someone and felt something hard – I had to go ask a friend what it was. Who knew?

I am almost 5 mos out from surgery and that 78-80 pound loss is from the beginning of the journey – which was July 6. That’s 9 mos ago and divided out, that’s less than 10 pounds a month lost. 60ish pounds are since surgery and that’s just over 10 pounds a month lost. SO many posts on the weight loss surgery sites are about these massive losses every month…If I had those, I’d be almost at goal.

I recognize slower is better – but this was a drastic move to lose at a rate a lot of people accomplish with some dedication. And I also know that I took some steps in past years and they didn’t yield much of a result. So, I took matters in my own hands.

I feel good. Sometimes I’m discouraged because it feels slow. Others, I’m thrilled with new outfits and how they fit and smaller jeans. This adventure is a total mind game…and it takes a LOT of self talk to get through it.

Largely, I’m glad I made the decision. It felt like it all lined up and is the way it was supposed to be.

It’s important to remember not to compare my journey to anyone else’s. We are all different. I have to figure out what works for my body – it turns out cutting carbs for me doesn’t work. It puts me in a stall – or I gain a pound or two. I’m sure adding more and more exercise will help too. I’m getting there.

Thanks for joining me.


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