That “soft” goal…

Yea…I’m not going to make it. It’s okay…I’m super close and more importantly, I’m pleased with where I am.

This journey has a lot of challenges…one of them is no one has the same journey – no one loses weight at the same rate, no one ended up here for the same reasons or even by the same route.

Leading up to surgery, I read blogs and in groups how much people lost and how fast. I tried to speculate how fast I would lose…people had lost 20-40 pounds coming out of the hospital and I gained 10 (thanks to my kidneys not kicking in after 14 years of a diuretic blood pressure medicine…they were apparently confused so I got a whole extra day of fluids). As angry as I was, that was the first clue this wasn’t going to follow the same path as any one else.

You’ll have to stay tuned for the picture for tomorrow’s banquet. Maybe I’ll incorporate the outfit into a face to face Friday post.

Thanks for joining me!


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