I’ve had this on my mind for a while.

Actually, for as far back as I can remember, I thought “food addict” wasn’t necessarily the best label to give people. First of all, we NEED food. We need the nourishment to survive. We’re all addicts in a way.

There is a faction of people who would say I’m starry-eyed but I don’t think I was a food addict (or am any sort of recovering addict). I may have been overly-dependent on Pepsi (okay fine, an addict). The day I made the decision I cut back from 36 oz or more per day to 12 and started drinking more water. It sucked… when I started my pre-op diet, I never had another Pepsi. More than 5 mos now. Usually, I don’t even notice. Some foods trigger a desire for Pepsi, but I ignore it, eat those foods more frequently and it bothers me less and less (mostly because I don’t want to get sick from the sugar and carbonation).

I’ve been fine eating healthier and focusing on protein. Life altering. I had started to do more healthy eating leading up to the surgery as well.

Sure I still want carbs. I’m a property manager…most days I want alcohol. But that desire isn’t what I’ve seen with other addicts.

I believe there are people who are food addicts and struggle more than me with this. I don’t think it’s non-existent. I wish it wasn’t such a big stereo type about Weight Loss Surgery patients. And we don’t need the label besides…leave that to any therapist we may see or to our doctors. We don’t need the added stress or confusion. We know there is an issue.

What we also seem to have a lack of…self confidence. I’ve always been low in that area. I find my confidence growing in more and more areas of my life.

This journey to and through weight loss surgery is deeply personal…everyone has demons and this seems to make them rise.

Support your friends…whatever journey you are on. I am so super thankful for the support from my friends and family and I’m glad I made a choice to be open. It just fits me better.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


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