I can see…

I posted a Face to Face Friday set a couple of days ago.

The current “face” is from the office banquet this last Friday. I NEVER ask for pictures of myself and happily handed my phone off to my photographer friend for solo shots. There were a lot of people I see infrequently who noticed a change. One was the former owner of the company “Something is different…”.

There were a lot of compliments and congratulations. And for once, I could see the change, too. I can SEE the difference…

I’ve heard a lot lately “You look so happy”. Happiness must have been hiding under the rolls – I’m generally pretty happy and have been. I have a “take it as it comes” attitude and don’t (usually) get or stay too upset about anything (unless you’re messing with my kids…then all bets are off…).

Clothes are smaller and I KNOW that, sometimes because they start a little snug they accentuate the work in progress in a not so flattering way…the change is harder to see. Logically, I know I’m smaller but I still have to self-talk my way through looking in the mirror.

There is a LOT of self-talk involved in this journey – just like any other. I can SEE the difference. I can SEE progress… and it’s kind of nice.

Thanks for joining me.


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