Easy Way

First, I’ve been ridiculously blessed with friends and family who have been fantastically supportive in my journey. I started out keeping it a secret and quickly realized that wasn’t for me. I always told anyone who said something.

When I was looking for knowledge and trying to work my way through the process leading up to surgery I found a few groups and sites. On one of them, I saw the quote above. And soooo many people posted about people telling them they took the easy way out.

And then I heard it on one of my favorite shows from Friday night. Grrr…they called it the easy way and kind of berated the guy. He was kind of a jerk on the show…but I was still irked.

It’s not easy. It’s the opposite of easy. We had major surgery (either to remove 2/3 of our stomach, or our stomach reduced to the size of a walnut and intestines re-routed) to use as a tool to lose the weight.

It’s a tool. We still work super hard on our new food plan. We have to balance protein with carbs and and hydration while having a 30 min space before and after eating. And we still have the mental demons to fight. The surgical changes help reset our bodies so we aren’t also fighting hunger hormones and failing (again) at traditional dieting (I never liked that idea either).

I hope if you are going through this process you have the support you need. If you don’t, reach out…I’m no expert. But I will tell you anything you want to know about my journey!

Thanks for joining me on my journey!


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