Refitting clothes

I long ago cleared out any clothes I had that didn’t currently fit. That left sizes I don’t want to discuss. 😂

As far back as I can remember, I always felt large. I saw a meme or a quote recently that said “I wish I could go back to the size I was when I first thought I was fat”. Isn’t that the truth? I was buying XL shirts because I didn’t like my silhouette – and no, I didn’t do anything about it then, either. Even at 5’9″ and 145 pounds, I didn’t love my silhouette.

Fast forward – I gradually bought larger and larger sizes to the point almost everything I ordered came from stores online. I still do some of that today – but that’s different. It’s really freaking hard to find shorts for me right now… Amazon is my best friend – cuz I can try on at home and send back. I digress…I was up to a 3XL shirts and 24-ish pants. I’ve never written that down before. Yuck.

I had to buy new pants multiple times after surgery. Walmart was my best friend. I’d bought some new shirts but mostly work shirts – not t-shirts. I’ve still been wearing my 3XL T-shirt’s and now they are pretty much uncomfortably large. So, I went to Walmart (again – it’s not often you can find $4.58 shirts). I bought Men’s Large – I guess it was over due. Now, I’m officially smaller than my husband. A medium is a little too snug in the mid-section – but my older son is almost up to a medium. We could be wearing the same size!!!

I also bought a couple bathing suits…fully expecting to turn around and bring them back. I didn’t. And they were two piece…a total of 5 pieces and only one was a tankini top. Hubby approved…I had to clarify his look. Now…I have to do something about the ghostly white skin…

It’s the small victories, friends. You can watch the scale drop (83 pounds now) and you can watch the inches drop (38 inches total) but until you relate it to clothes…it doesn’t always register.

This week – I’m jumping on that stupid exercise requirement…maybe…I hope. Ugh…

Thanks for joining me!


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