Thoughts for today

WordPress praises me when I keep a “streak” going…I’m trying to see how far I’ll get before I break the streak. I really have to work on writing down the ideas I have. I keep forgetting them.

Some more tidbits of thinking points, tonight.

Losing weight IS a mental challenge – especially after weight loss surgery. Some days I don’t feel like I have had surgery – actually most days. Most days I don’t have a struggle with wanting the wrong foods. I am a property manager, a mom, a wife, a daughter-in-law (with a mother-in-law who is losing her mind and lives with us). It all takes a toll. I’ve been quite pleased that I haven’t jumped off the wagon and I’ve maintained the same food plan for going on three weeks – getting my protein AND vitamins in.

I’ve been lucky in that I really haven’t had any bad reactions to food since surgery. I haven’t really given my pouch much of a reason to be upset – I’m sticking to healthy foods – just trying to maximize protein, taste and variety…that’s the mental struggle.

And it IS a slow process. Quitting won’t speed it up. I think we need that reminder a lot more than just our weight loss journey – I do. It seems painfully slow to me – but I’m less than 40 pounds to goal. I’m a slow looser – that could take 10 more months. Jeez I hope not…but it could.

Whatever journey you’re on, is YOUR journey. I’m sharing mine because I wished there was more information from people like me when I was searching and also because I want to remember where I was, where I’ve been and where I’m headed. I’m hoping that being aware will keep me on a positive, successful weight loss journey. I have such great ideas of things I’ve put off for far too long.

That’s it for tonight. Thanks for joining me!


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