For those keeping track, it’s seven days in a row. 🙂

There have been a few things in the last couple of days that let me know I’m on the right track with the blog.

Over the weekend, I received an email telling me I was brave for putting my story out there. I don’t think it’s bravery – it’s a desire to offer my perspective on the surgery and life after. I do hope it helps others. There was info I wished I had. Also, while I’m reading on different sites, I don’t really buy 100% into all of the theories.

Then today, a longtime good friend looked at me and said “don’t end the streak”! And another friend contacted me today reaching out for info on her own path.

I’m on the right track. It’s mostly the way I’m processing my journey. I’m glad it’s helping others.

Thanks for joining me!


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