Wednesday was WLS Support Group. I keep trying different sessions trying to see where I fit or feels comfortable, I guess. Tonight was a large group with both pre-surgery and post-surgery people. It was almost over-whelming – lots of big personality, I don’t find it as easy to speak in those forums – which, I know, is logically ridiculous. We’ve all been through or are going through the same path for a similar goal – weight loss surgery.

It was in that group in September that I decided to switch from Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass – because of the information from one of the members. It’s also hard to be in the groups because others have lost weight so much faster. I know my body is not following anyone else’s path – but I don’t want to hear it again. One person was 7 mos out and 140 pounds down! Granted, that’s more than I need to lose and she had more to go – but good for her! I just want it to go a little faster and stop hitting stalls and hiccups when I’m on the same plan.

We all need support – regardless of our journey. The weight loss journey requires a special kind of support: encouraging, complimentary, congratulatory. On the receiving end, we need to really HEAR what they are saying and identify that we have made progress. Any progress is excellent progress – keep that in mind.

If you’re reading this and you have questions – please reach out. I’d be glad to answer questions based on my journey – that’s all I know.

Thanks for joining me!


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