This week, I went to an appointment with the Nutritionist. The weight loss surgery program encourages following up regularly. I’m actually a little overdue.

The nutrition team is very helpful for us leading up to surgery. They’ve written a handbook that has a lot of great info about nutrition and vitamins. Whether you have Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass, you have some vitamin requirements due to the change in your digestive system. Gastric Bypass is more restrictive, which means malabsorption is more of a problem; and that means a vitamin problem.

There is a list of recommended vitamins that are often deficient with a new stomach, digestive process and limited diet. I’ve tried to piece it together as best I could – the good news I wasn’t low on any – on the other hand, in an effort to check all the boxes, I was taking too much of some things.

Hair loss is a super fun side effect of the surgery. I’m also just about a year into hypothyroidism which also causes hair loss. I thought fixing the thyroid fixed it, then I had the surgery. The hair loss was a discussion point today – and it’s a mystery. So – I guess we wait for labs in May to try to figure out the rest. Meanwhile – I’ll drop the excess vitamins and see where we go.

Labs are done in May and then I’ll follow up with the surgeon, nutrition and probably my PCM to try to figure out the anemia. Stay tuned!

Thanks for joining me!


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