I’ve long struggled with energy levels. I’m good for burning the candle wherever I can get it lit…always have been.

My kids (now 11 & almost 13) are 17 mos apart. For a long time, I didn’t think I would ever have enough sleep. Now they keep us running with activities.

I’ve had the same job since June 2012. I go nonstop there too.

For extra fun, I’ve struggled to keep iron levels where they should be…which makes me tired when they are low. I also have hypothyroidism which can make me tired.

Last week, we came home and I encouraged hubby to trim the bushes….I was right there with him when before, I would crap out part way through. This weekend, we took on organizing the house. I went nonstop on my tasks and the closet under the stairs is finally organized. It’s wonderful to go in there.

I’m tired but I kept moving. I wasn’t so exhausted I couldn’t carry on. I look forward to tackling more areas of the house and yard. With a busy family, some things just get left behind. I’m super glad to be feeling better and have more energy despite the anemia and thyroid that would normally slow me down.

Thanks for joining me!


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