Sometimes we just need a reminder to keep ourselves going.

I know I do. Kids, dogs, husband, the crazy lady that lives in our house, the house itself, life in general…it all tends to pile on and I forget…I forget I’m important. I forget how important getting in all my foods and nutrients is. It’s how most of us fall off the wagon…whichever wagon we’re on.

I especially need the reminder when I fight the same dang pound for a week. I’m still not at that soft goal…I’m still the same distance away struggling with the same blasted pounds.

I was super proud of myself…even after all the housework and yard work this weekend, I got up with my alarm. I got as far as the bathroom before I remembered the TV was on the circuit we killed because the alarm system lost its mind. So I went back to bed…before I realized I had other options. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be fully conscious.

Remember the message above, friends! We are all all of those things.

Thanks for joining me!


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