Meeting yourself where you are

I’ve heard a version of the phrase “meet <them> where they are in a couple of different situations – mostly related to kids and relating to kids. It applies to us too.

I find myself wishing for whatever – the school year to be over (it’s been a rough year for one of my kids and while I have (tried to) NEVER wished time away, I find myself wishing this year to finish. I find myself wishing I was further along in this journey. A little self talk later, I realize I need to meet myself where I am and to find peace, as described above. I am lucky and I work hard – challenges make me appreciate what I have and where I am, when I look at it correctly.

A client came in today. I made a comment about it being hard that his wife has had Alzheimer’s for a while. He said you can’t think like that. Your thoughts are what sets the tone – your thoughts control your feelings. If you control your thoughts and make them positive, then you control your feelings. I do spend a good deal of time trying to see the positive and focusing on the positive – but it’s a struggle some days.

Meet yourself where you are. Focus on the positive. Life is too short, at least in my opinion, to focus on the negative for too long!

Thanks for joining me.


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