Stupid Stall

Remember that “soft” goal? I’m still not there. I’ve had some days where I hover around the same weight, but it will go down after a couple of days.

This time, I’ve been hovering within 1/2 pound for 3 weeks. THREE dang weeks.

I picked up the “bible” from the nutrition department. I’ve been studying vitamins and making sure I was covering everything. I set the book down and picked it up – it opened to a page talking about stalls.

Apparently stalls are common – lasting a couple of weeks – every three to four months. Ugh. Stupid stall.

I travelled this weekend (which probably helped matters NONE). I put on skorts (in a smaller size than most of my pants) and a t-shirt. I was impressed with the fit, the way it looked – and it has been motivation to keep on trucking (pics are below – never mind the hotel bathroom…) The stall will break, I’ll hit the soft goal (hopefully before I go to the surgeon for my 6 month follow-up) and it will all be okay.

At the nutrition appointment a week or so ago, I lamented how slow the weight was coming off. She quickly pointed out I’ve lost 62% of my excess body weight – and they like to see 50% at the 6 month mark. I guess I’m doing okay.

Keep on trucking…

Thanks for joining me!


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