Another week

It was a busy week – I had to really work at staying on my meal plan. I did though – made a few adjustments along the way, but I did okay.

Monday was my 6 month follow-up with the surgeon. I was not in Onederland..but I am happy where we are. The surgeon was thrilled and told me he was proud of me. I’ve lost 67% of my excess body weight.

Several people this week stopped me and asked if I was working out or what I was doing. It feels good when people notice.

And finally Friday I hit Onederland. 199.8 – and yes, I realize that is basically 200 – but I really wanted to see a “1” in the front. Today it’s 199 – solidly there. That’s 33 pounds to the goal set by the nutritionist. My goal remains to be seen.

This weekend we’ll be picking up where we left off on house projects. And I look forward to having the energy to keep moving through them.

Thanks for joining me!


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