Double dose

You get two posts tonight…

Tonight was support group – for post-op folks only. The topic was strength training – which was timely since I just started moving my body in a purposeful exercise-type way. I came away with some tips and resources.

I don’t love support group. Tonight felt good to go…

The best part of my night was the scale in the nutrition clinic was in Onederland. Finally…I’m hoping to leave it behind for real this time.

The numbers told a big tale:

I went from 52.9% body fat to 40%.

The weight is a little skewed. I track it from highest weight…they track it from the seminar weight. I’ve lost 67 pounds of fat according to their tracking.

Visceral fat rating went from 15 to 8.

And the BMI went from 41.4 to 29.8(which is just overweight…no longer in the obese category).

These are the things I look at when the scale doesn’t cooperate. I also know I’m nearing the goal…it’s going to get harder to lose. And self talk…it’s all about the self talk.

I had a day of heavy mental-activity. My body literally screamed “go walk”. I’ve never heard it say that before…but we walked. And it felt good…so here’s to new habits of moving the body in a purposeful exercise-type way. 🙂

Thanks for joining me!!


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