Vacation tales…the first 24 hours

We headed out on a family trip to Boston yesterday. Weather delayed us and we didn’t land until 12:30 am…a debacle at the care rental place and we FINALLY got to the hotel at 230am.

On the flight, I was in the middle between my youngest and a stranger. His elbow was half in my seat…but it didn’t hit me most of the time. AND the buckle buckled AND had room to spare.

A short night later we had breakfast (just before it closed down) and headed out on our adventure for the day: touring Fenway.

The tour was very interesting. And on it…I realized there were a LOT of steps. Like actual stairs. Last summer that would have kicked my hiney and winded me to the point of wanting to give up. Today…my legs were tired but not really winded and not at all ready to give up.

Tomorrow…there will be more walking. I’ll be ready.

Before I left, the scale wasn’t moving a lot. But I think my body is changing again…my pants are getting bigger. (’s a good problem to have…it just creates some logistical challenges…)

Stay tuned…this is the first big family trip since settling in after surgery. Traveling is a challenge…but it’s fun!

Thanks for joining me!


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