I’ve seen some memes in the last week or so that kind of spoke to me.

I’ve talked about it before – this whole weight loss surgery process is a lot of MENTAL work. There is a lot of physical work, but there is a whole lot of mental work.

I decided to go “public” with my surgery and process partially because I didn’t feel a need to hide but also because I hoped someone stumbled on to the blog and it helped them as well. There is soooo much information and like so many things, everyone has an opinion. There is also a lot of differing opinion among programs. It makes it difficult for one to find their way in this new life. The only person I’m an expert on is me – and that is questionable sometimes – but maybe seeing my story helps someone.

And then there is the always good advice that you have to choose happy – every time.

The next adventure starts Saturday.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.


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