One Year Ago

ONE year ago… there can be such a difference in just a year

One year ago, I went to see a surgeon. I had pain and after a couple of different doctors, I landed in the surgeon’s office on the next stop to find the pain.

My weight wasn’t a huge topic of conversation when I would see my primary care provider. It was usually mentioned in passing. I had been on blood pressure meds for over 10 years – two of them.

The surgeon wasn’t really following along with what I said was my pain. And it was intermittent…so it was hard to nail down. She tackled, very bluntly, my weight. She brought up weight loss surgery and I met with the surgery coordinator.

It was a Friday. I thought about it and maybe even mentioned it to a friend or two. By Monday, I started the surgery requirements and didn’t look back.

Yesterday marks 8 mos since surgery. I haven’t been near a scale…so I really don’t know where I stand. I’m crazy close to being 100 lbs down.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.


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