I surprised myself

I had an email from Old Navy letting me know their jeans were half off yesterday. Most of my shorts (and some tanks and dresses) this summer were from Old Navy…and before that it had been YEARS since I bought anything at Old Navy…not even the yearly patriotic T-shirt’s. They didn’t fit…I even avoided shopping there for the boys to save myself the disappointment.

Yesterday…because my shorts were from Old Navy…I went to try some on. Because…it will eventually cool off and I should be ready…

The 14s were LOOSE…12 Talls were a little snug…and they were skinny jeans. I haven’t done skinny…ever…

I’ll take that progress over the stupid slow moving scale any day…(20 lbs from the nutritionist’s goal weight…it had to slow down sometime…)

Thanks for joining me!


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