Catching up

I’m not sure how this will flow just now…will it be one big post or several. I have been struggling to come up with content so I kind of hope it’s multiple…

In no particular order…I had to go to the PX today to pick up meds. The last time I allowed myself to wander in the clothes, I was still too big for most of the designers they have: Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Lucky Brand.

Today, I took time to wander. To my surprise there was a lot of clearance items.

It’s still nearly 100 degrees here and I don’t really NEED anything…but I was curious. I browsed and found a Michael Kors sun dress (L), Karl Lagerfeld jeans (12 &14) Michael Kors jeans (12) and Lucky brand jeans (14).

When I first heard of Lucky Brand, I was already too big. So…I was very interested in trying them on. The 14s fit!!! I didn’t get them…I just got the ones at Old Navy a month ago…and it’s still too hot here for those-they weren’t on sale (although PX price is pretty good compared to retail!!)

I couldn’t get in the Karl Lagerfeld 12 or the MK dress – it was a smidge snug. But everything else slipped right on…it was a great feeling!!

I’m about ready for fall so I can go find some jeans and warmer weather stuff!

Thanks for joining me!


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