Being real

What do you see? (Besides the bathroom that needs picked up…)

I’m going to be real…I see the belly that while I’ve lost 110 (!) pounds is still obvious to me in person and in pictures. I see the hips that still look wide…and to a degree…not a lot of difference from my minds memory of my old body to now.

It takes a LOT of self talk and working through this…a LOTTA LOT! It takes going back to pictures to SEE the difference.

I haven’t done pictures in front of the office door in a while…progress pictures help with the mind game that is this weight loss process. Even buying size 12 or 14 pants and large or medium shirts doesn’t really register…

I’m proud of where I am when I get all of my mind joining me in the present reality.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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