Seeing people again

October – specifically mid October – is a hot mess express in my world.

We’re still adjusting to my husband working after being stay-at-home Dad and Coach for 7 years. Our youngest had a hockey tournament in Houston for Columbus Day weekend. We got home Monday and I left Tuesday for a business trip to Phoenix.

The hockey tournament was the first time to encounter people I haven’t seen since before surgery. I recognized a good number of them…I’m usually pretty good at faces…it’s names that kill me. I don’t “people” very well…so I’m not likely to walk up to people and start a conversation. One of the moms introduced herself to me. I reminded her our kids played in a tournament last year. She was still perplexed…so I said I was 110 pounds heavier… Then it clicked for her.

Now at the conference…I’m seeing people I’ve been seeing at events for 7 years. Ones I’ve seen more recently or during the transformation recognized me. Some could see there was a difference but still knew who I am. Others asked if we’d met.

I know 110 lbs is a lot. I know there is a big difference. I see it more in my neck than my face so I don’t see a big difference.

I’ve discovered there is no graceful way to address this either. Not saying anything leads to more questions. I was asked by someone I’ve met several times “have we met”. I was super graceful which came off snarky with “yep…several times”. Then I super gracefully trying to be reassuring said “I’ve lost 110 pounds since last time”. None of that was comfortable…and I’m sure part of it has to do with trying to wrap my own brain around the change…

This whole process really messes with my mind…

Thanks for joining me on the journey!


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