I enjoy traveling – I always have. Being post gastric bypass surgery presents it’s own set of challenges and issues.

On the positive…it’s a LOT more comfortable to be on a plane. Getting closer to surgery, I had to ask for a seatbelt extender and couldn’t use the pull down table.

Food though…it’s still a struggle. I’m a creature of habit…I have my shake in the morning and then my usual foods the rest of the day. If I’m traveling for pleasure, I can usually keep on track. I’ve had a good bit of business travel where meals are either provided or at a location with some tough choices.

Locations set by circumstance can be super tough – there is almost always protein available but sometimes you have to deconstruct the meal…like a burger plain and ask for any condiments on the side. Then it’s further deconstructed when I eat little or none of the bun.

Served or provided meals are a larger struggle – sometimes they have sauces and those are often sugar based.

Today was BBQ – it tasted great – but it it’s too sitting great and there is a LONG drive home tonight.

Flexibility is key…and travel forces the flexibility.

I wouldn’t change the surgery…it’s all an adjustment even a year out.

Thanks for joining me.


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