I do find I tend to stress eat. Even now. I try to make better choices – like protein snacks vs candy. Alcohol hits me super hard and I have never enjoyed feeling out of control, so that’s out. I’m back to where I was when I was in my 20s…I didn’t love how I felt if I drank.

Stress eating doesn’t make the stress go away. I think that’s something we forget. It takes a lot of self talk to direct my attentions away in times of high stress.

We started Crisis schooling round two this week. My kids are in 7th and 9th grade. The first couple of days were a little rough. Meh – they’ve all had their challenges. They come to work with me, they each have a desk, chair and laptop crammed in to my office (yes – I’m SUPER lucky to have a ridiculously understanding employer) and they complete their zoom calls, assignments and all school related things.

For fun, I’m in the middle-end of a computer conversion. I’m at the part where its time to loop in the all the other providers to connect to the new software. So, there have been so many times we’re all three on zoom calls.

When the announcement was made this was how we were starting school, I DREADED it. I dragged my feet getting everything ready. The first two days were really rough – finding a groove, remembering we’re in a tight space, respecting each other’s calls. One of the days there was a foot fight that escalated QUICKLY to the slamming of the laptop (kid b slammed the lid on kid a). They also made me super proud at multiple points.

It’s actually a lot smoother than I anticipated. They don’t love this plan. It’s not easy. They miss the interaction. They miss school. We’re doing the best we can. And I might miss it when it’s over. I feel lucky that I get to have the extra time with them. And that feels 100 times better than the crap stress eating.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


Day 4 – headed to work/school

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