Some days

I’m coming up quickly on two years since my surgery. There are some challenges and a lot of them are mental.

I’ve discovered a renewed interest in clothes – and a departure for me – it’s not all jeans and t-shirts. I have acquired – and WEAR – dresses!

Partially because of the COVID situation, I’ve resorted to online shopping. It’s scary – the sizing is all over the place. But I have been successful in figuring out sizing without having to return a bunch of stuff.

Normally, I try on the dresses when my husband is nearby. He’s a guy…he can’t hide his thoughts…positive or negative. It’s okay. I still need help figuring out what I’m seeing. I got a couple dresses in last week. He really liked one of them. I put it on yesterday and went to take a picture.

The first picture I was happy with how it looked. The second one…I started second guessing. My day was stacked – I didn’t have time to process my thoughts or figure out what was going to feel good. So…I powered thru.

Somewhere in the middle of the day of trying to run three offices and train through a computer conversion, managing two offices, ensuring my kids are doing there work and I don’t even know what else yesterday, one of my friends said “I really love your dress!”

Wear the dress, friends. You’re your own worst critic…I’m so glad I did. The dress felt good…I just had flashbacks on the fit. It was only in my head.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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