Bored Surgeon

It’s a little early since my surgery was 11/5/18, but to day was my 2 year gastric bypass follow up.

My actual surgeon is deployed, so I met one of the other surgeons. He told me he was bored.

I’m sure even the little bit he could see of my face (because of the mask) was perplexed. He went on to explain…that’s what you want for your surgeon after surgery…boredom.

We reviewed my labs…everything looks great. My regimen is working! We also discussed how surgeons measure degrees of success in weight loss surgery and excess weight that is lost. My BMI is 25 and for their measurements, I have lost 100% of my excess weight. Yay!

Always remember where you came from….
…so you can see how far you’ve come

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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