There’s a story…

There always is, right?

Wayyyy back when my husband and I got married, he went to Korea (six weeks after the wedding…) for a one year unaccompanied tour. I found these wool jumpers on his favorite website, L.L. Bean. Paired with a black turtleneck and black tights…I loved it.

He came back, life happened, jobs changed, we moved…I gained weight. This outfit was one I was always bummed I had to give up due to outgrowing it.

This summer, we were cleaning out bins of stuff in the garage and I found I SAVED one of these jumpers. I tried it on…and it fit!!! I’m officially down to where I was at some point early I our marriage that I haven’t seen for a lonnng time!

I’ve been waiting for a dose of chilly air and no rain to wear this outfit. I do kind of wish I had found a little less controlling control top tights at Walmart…but I haven’t worn them in a lonnnnnng time either.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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