New year…another step in the adventure

Time off of work is a double edged sword for me. I like the down time, I have 150 things I want to do around my house, I want to spend time with the fam…and I get too much time to think. That’s more than two sides to my sword, huh. It’s still a conundrum.

I’ve been off this week between Christmas and New Years. Had the family time with my extended family in DFW and time with my hubby and kids. I made great strides on cleaning out my closet (again…) and turning our formal dining into an office. It’s not quite fully functional…but we’re getting there.

I have struggled with clothing sizes for online shopping. And COVID restrictions mean online shopping is more abundant…Most dressing rooms aren’t open anyway. I know my sizes in the brands I own…but translating that to other brands is hard. So I measured my waist. I was disheartened when it 37 inches. Somewhere I had the idea it was that size before my bypass surgery (too much time to think…). So I looked…2 days before surgery, my waist was 52.5 inches. 🤯😳 of course it’s smaller…I don’t even know what I was thinking.

This Thursday, I’m embarking on the next phase of this whole weight loss adventure. It’s a conundrum all it’s own because I feel like it’s the most self-indulgent step. I’m having skin removal from my stomach area…no muscle repair…strictly the skin removal. I started this phase over a year ago, only to get waylaid by COVID and then the hysterectomy. I can’t believe it’s here. Summer is going to be a completely different ball game.

I haven’t taken the before pics yet. I’ll have to do a separate post. Even if my size doesn’t change…I’m thrilled with where I am. I can’t wait to see the results…here’s hoping for a smooth recovery

Thanks for joining me on my journey!


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