My closet got out of control…Texas couldn’t decide which season it wanted, travel, and it’s been hockey season since last August…it was a disaster.

We’re getting ready for a weekend out of town which will include a day at the water park. First…that’s a major step for me. Before bypass, I hated reasons to be in a swim suit in public. It was a little better after bypass but before skin removal because…well…the extra skin.

Today, in preparation for a weekend away, I decided to clean up my closet to get it cleaned up and organized. My family was at hockey. Carpe Diem, I thought. (I’ve been going to the Y with my youngest at 5:30 am…now, I’m punchy and delirious…).

I put away winter jackets and coats, except for the one that stays in my car for the rink. I purged clothes…only this time not because I outgrew them, as was so often the case before bypass surgery, but because I no longer like the style or fit. It was so gratifying.

This has always been a place where I’m more transparent than in my regular conversations…I’ve hit a little struggle in my journey. Three huge surgeries in 6 mos, I kind of stayed on the healing plan of extra protein and care. My weight has wavered, and it’s shifted. I’m having to reset my mind and body…getting up and moving with the teenage hockey player has helped…

It’s all a progression and all about finding balance. This year will be all about the kid and travel hockey and family.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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