Three (3!!!!) Years

I missed the date last year. This year…I’m sure to miss it again, so I’m starting early.

I’ve tried to be honest when I blog. The weight-loss surgery journey is not a straight line and it definitely has its challenges – and a LOT of those are mental. I’ve been reviewing my journey and thinking about it a lot recently. It’s time for my annual visit with the bypass surgeon – last year, I was told he was “bored” because I was doing well. I’m not sure he’d say he’s “bored” this year.

Maybe I didn’t own the expectations I had for the skin removal. I feel like that’s where I slipped off the rails a bit. Maybe, I just hit the end of the “honeymoon” phase and I haven’t found my new “best eating plan”. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention because life is roller coaster – super fast, lots of twists and turns. I’ve put back on a little weight – I didn’t even realize it this summer – it wasn’t until I had to find jeans for hockey season.

Part of my mental struggle…is the “under the clothes” appearance after the two skin removal surgeries. I don’t know what I expected, but there are some fairly big rolls I guess we could call it. When I struggled with the binder after the second surgery, I made a conscious decision to not focus on them. I’m guessing that’s another place I went off the rails. The mental aspects of this are NO JOKE!

I have an appointment with nutrition. I get to have a DEXA (bone density scan) and I had my labs drawn. We’ll get it back on track – I think I just need a reset and mabye an attitude adjustment.

In the meantime…here’s a little look back

First three months, I think

I’m not unhappy with where I am. I’m a little disappointed that I’ve gained weight…from the beginning though, it wasn’t about the number. But I know I need to be alert…and get my head straight again. Looking at the pictures helped.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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