My why…

The kids are getting older. It’s harder to buy for them at Christmas. Before the world shut down, we tried to do more experiences at Christmas and kind of defaulted to Disney. We actually went to Disney 7 weeks after my bypass surgery.

The older my kids have gotten the more I realized my pre-surgery weight was going to cause problems with doing stuff with them. While the main reason for surgery had more to do with pain…being able to be present and active was important too.

This year we took our teens (15 & 14) on a cruise. We hit Roatan, Belize and Cozumel.

They encouraged me to go on the ropes course. On the 12th deck. 🤪😬 I don’t have a conscious fear of heights but I also didn’t want to be the lone adult to be dangling from the tether 12 decks above the ocean. I didn’t…made it thru…so the 8 year old strangers didn’t look at me funny.

In Roatan, we played with monkeys and sloths. And we took what amounts to a ski lift to the beach.

In Belize, the boys wanted to Zip Line. 😳 Hiking through the rain forest, it occurred to me that I’ve acquired anxiety from somewhere. There was a 7 year old little girl behind me who kept asking to go ahead of me she was so excited. And her 74 year old great grandmother….sweet hell…no pressure!

The first step off was a lot…but then it was fun. Even saw a monkey in the wild. And then went cave tubing…a cross between spelunking and a lazy river.

I wouldn’t have been able to do it pre surgery. That’s how I got myself off the first platform…I did it to be present with my kids.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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