I’ve seen some memes in the last week or so that kind of spoke to me.

I’ve talked about it before – this whole weight loss surgery process is a lot of MENTAL work. There is a lot of physical work, but there is a whole lot of mental work.

I decided to go “public” with my surgery and process partially because I didn’t feel a need to hide but also because I hoped someone stumbled on to the blog and it helped them as well. There is soooo much information and like so many things, everyone has an opinion. There is also a lot of differing opinion among programs. It makes it difficult for one to find their way in this new life. The only person I’m an expert on is me – and that is questionable sometimes – but maybe seeing my story helps someone.

And then there is the always good advice that you have to choose happy – every time.

The next adventure starts Saturday.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.



I posted these pictures on my personal Facebook page this week. The one popped up as a memory from last year – Fathers Day at The Melting Pot. I remember taking the picture and looking at it – and I remember being uncomfortable in the booth.

On that date, I hadn’t even begun to think about weight loss surgery. I was still 3 weeks and a vacation away from that day.

The difference is really noticeable…there have been LOTS of comments – Facebook and in person.

Vacation is coming up again…travel brings challenges. This trip is fewer theme parks, ball parks and less hotel/restaurant living and more relaxing with family. Food shouldn’t be as big a challenge.

Thanks for joining me!


It wasn’t all bad…

Vacation has been great! We accomplished a lot of what we set out to do – but there is still plenty more to see. We covered a little something for everyone in the family.

There was LOTS of walking and way more stairs than I care to think about. I didn’t die. It really wasn’t bad at all. Walking didn’t worry me like it used to. Too much walking used to mean very painful feet and sheer exhaustion – and not a lot of comfort while it was going on. My body is tired – but it’s not dying like it used to.

I don’t know what the scale is doing but I can feel my body changing. The dang shorts I JUST bought in a smaller size are starting to feel large (any one notice that summer clothes slowly disappear earlier and earlier?). The capri’s I love are starting to feel larger…

Much more energy and stamina, not as winded or exhausted AND fitting in airline and ball park seats…all in all – it’s a great new life since surgery. I just need to work on my expectations of food in certain places…I had beef jerky in the car – I just had that on the ride back.

Thanks for joining me!



So, we’ve been on vacation. And I’ve hit protein goals and kept sipping on water to meet hydration.

But…here’s what I notice…there is a serious lack of protein acceptable to post-surgical people at places like amusement parks and ball games. Chicken is breaded and fried. I’ve had a LOT of burgers on this adventure. Admittedly…I default to the same foods when I’m at home…but I LIKE those. I don’t love burgers anymore. I’ll eat them but I don’t love them.

Also in amusement parks and ball games most things look like they are slathered and cooked in grease. I haven’t done almost any of that since surgery (rightly so…). Since I’m not sure how that will affect me…I stick with what works. I’m scared of hot dogs good. And with burgers and dogs, half of the yummy ness is the bread…that’s not great for me either. When you don’t have the bread, it becomes much less of a finger food and more of an adventure to eat…

I’m doing okay…just frustrated about another hamburger. We had delicious steak last night. And I have made my own meals out of side Caesar salads and adding shrimp or chicken. Stuff like that should be an option at a ball game. Yes…I hear myself. 🙂 I’ve been protein-loading in the mornings for a while. It help in situations like this to ensure goals are met when circumstances aren’t too cooperative…I can’t live in a bubble.

Thanks for joining me!


Vacation tales…the first 24 hours

We headed out on a family trip to Boston yesterday. Weather delayed us and we didn’t land until 12:30 am…a debacle at the care rental place and we FINALLY got to the hotel at 230am.

On the flight, I was in the middle between my youngest and a stranger. His elbow was half in my seat…but it didn’t hit me most of the time. AND the buckle buckled AND had room to spare.

A short night later we had breakfast (just before it closed down) and headed out on our adventure for the day: touring Fenway.

The tour was very interesting. And on it…I realized there were a LOT of steps. Like actual stairs. Last summer that would have kicked my hiney and winded me to the point of wanting to give up. Today…my legs were tired but not really winded and not at all ready to give up.

Tomorrow…there will be more walking. I’ll be ready.

Before I left, the scale wasn’t moving a lot. But I think my body is changing again…my pants are getting bigger. (’s a good problem to have…it just creates some logistical challenges…)

Stay tuned…this is the first big family trip since settling in after surgery. Traveling is a challenge…but it’s fun!

Thanks for joining me!


Thirty Pounds

I’ve made it to Onederland…and have managed to stay there for a minute. I’ve also reached 30 pounds from goal (at least the nutritonist’s goal.).

Thirty pounds. Lots of people just want to lose 30 pounds. It still feels daunting in a way… it’s really like 28

That also means I’m more than 90 pounds down. I have to do a double take when I look in the mirror. This whole process really messes with the mind.

Too picture is today…after a visit to the hair salon to hide some gray.

Bottom picture was yesterday.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.


Double dose

You get two posts tonight…

Tonight was support group – for post-op folks only. The topic was strength training – which was timely since I just started moving my body in a purposeful exercise-type way. I came away with some tips and resources.

I don’t love support group. Tonight felt good to go…

The best part of my night was the scale in the nutrition clinic was in Onederland. Finally…I’m hoping to leave it behind for real this time.

The numbers told a big tale:

I went from 52.9% body fat to 40%.

The weight is a little skewed. I track it from highest weight…they track it from the seminar weight. I’ve lost 67 pounds of fat according to their tracking.

Visceral fat rating went from 15 to 8.

And the BMI went from 41.4 to 29.8(which is just overweight…no longer in the obese category).

These are the things I look at when the scale doesn’t cooperate. I also know I’m nearing the goal…it’s going to get harder to lose. And self talk…it’s all about the self talk.

I had a day of heavy mental-activity. My body literally screamed “go walk”. I’ve never heard it say that before…but we walked. And it felt good…so here’s to new habits of moving the body in a purposeful exercise-type way. 🙂

Thanks for joining me!!