Double dose

You get two posts tonight…

Tonight was support group – for post-op folks only. The topic was strength training – which was timely since I just started moving my body in a purposeful exercise-type way. I came away with some tips and resources.

I don’t love support group. Tonight felt good to go…

The best part of my night was the scale in the nutrition clinic was in Onederland. Finally…I’m hoping to leave it behind for real this time.

The numbers told a big tale:

I went from 52.9% body fat to 40%.

The weight is a little skewed. I track it from highest weight…they track it from the seminar weight. I’ve lost 67 pounds of fat according to their tracking.

Visceral fat rating went from 15 to 8.

And the BMI went from 41.4 to 29.8(which is just overweight…no longer in the obese category).

These are the things I look at when the scale doesn’t cooperate. I also know I’m nearing the goal…it’s going to get harder to lose. And self talk…it’s all about the self talk.

I had a day of heavy mental-activity. My body literally screamed “go walk”. I’ve never heard it say that before…but we walked. And it felt good…so here’s to new habits of moving the body in a purposeful exercise-type way. 🙂

Thanks for joining me!!


Self talk

I spend a lot of time talking myself through situations. It has kept me going through this weight loss journey. It what keeps me from going crazy at the scale.

There is all kinds of info about how your body loses weight with and without surgery. One hot topic is the body’s set point. Sometimes we do these drastic things and the body says nope and stops losing.

My body hasn’t been a particularly fast loser. Honestly, it’s annoying to me…the bariatric team is pleased so I talk myself in to accepting it.

I was thrilled to hit Onederland. But it went back up. Stupid scale…

I’ll get back there!

Thanks for joining me!


Another week

It was a busy week – I had to really work at staying on my meal plan. I did though – made a few adjustments along the way, but I did okay.

Monday was my 6 month follow-up with the surgeon. I was not in Onederland..but I am happy where we are. The surgeon was thrilled and told me he was proud of me. I’ve lost 67% of my excess body weight.

Several people this week stopped me and asked if I was working out or what I was doing. It feels good when people notice.

And finally Friday I hit Onederland. 199.8 – and yes, I realize that is basically 200 – but I really wanted to see a “1” in the front. Today it’s 199 – solidly there. That’s 33 pounds to the goal set by the nutritionist. My goal remains to be seen.

This weekend we’ll be picking up where we left off on house projects. And I look forward to having the energy to keep moving through them.

Thanks for joining me!


We didn’t die

Whilst watching the scale creep ever so slowly downward, I realized the extra manual labor I exerted over the last week moving furniture out of storage units (not mine) May have been the jump start…

So tonight, I leashed the boys – both of our 3 year old labs – 90lbs each – and took off on a walk. We jogged a little bit too. I took the way that brought me up the hill at the end of the street. And we didn’t die.

I don’t even feel like I might die (tomorrow may be a different story). I got a little winded but nowhere near how fast or how winded I used to get.

Thanks for joining me!


Progress of a non-scale variety

In the bariatric world, there is what we call a non-scale victories. They are just what they sound like – progress that doesn’t register on a scale.

We tend to get wrapped around the axle about certain things – and the scale is one of them. Like that “soft” goal I’ve been chasing. I try not to focus on it, but it’s still there. This weekend, as the scale started to move, I started thinking about other progress. Last week, we were working on cleaning out storage units for work.

Lifting boxes, moving furniture, moving heavy items to other units – even dropping a filing cabinet on myself. I escaped bruised…the dolly caught most of it. But the bottom line, I had the stamina to keep going (and tried to drink water along the way).

I took my boys to the outlet mall today. We walked the whole outdoor mall – and I was never too tired. I had the stamina there too. I also bought clothes smaller than I’ve bought in a long time. That’s super exciting.

The weight loss surgery process is all about stats…before the surgery and after the surgery.

When I started my BMI was over 42. A requirement for surgery is BMI over 40, or over 35 with co-morbidities (I had high blood pressure and sleep apnea). A BMI of 42 is classified as morbid obesity. Losing 84 pounds dropped my BMI to 30.1 – under 30 is classified as overweight – no mention of obesity. A “normal” BMI is 19-26.

I was at 42% body fat. Now I’m at 27.5% body fat.

I’ve lost 43 inches over all – that’s 16.54% loss.

While I wish the weight was coming off faster, stats like these help me to see the progress I’ve made. It helps me remember that the reflection I see is NOT the same reflection I saw before surgery.

Thanks for joining me!



I may have broken the stall. Maybe… the scale is on the move again…hopefully it keeps going for a while now.

My new “soft” goal is to be in Onederland by the time I have my six month follow up with the surgeon next week.

When I see myself in the mirror without clothes, I still see the same shape I had. For a split second, every time, I flip back to before surgery.

It takes conscious positive self talk to remember how far I’ve come. I’m less than 40 pounds from the dietician’s goal for me (my goal remains to be seen).

My clothes are fitting better…even the ones I bought a little snug. I’m getting there.

Thanks for joining me!


Stupid Stall

Remember that “soft” goal? I’m still not there. I’ve had some days where I hover around the same weight, but it will go down after a couple of days.

This time, I’ve been hovering within 1/2 pound for 3 weeks. THREE dang weeks.

I picked up the “bible” from the nutrition department. I’ve been studying vitamins and making sure I was covering everything. I set the book down and picked it up – it opened to a page talking about stalls.

Apparently stalls are common – lasting a couple of weeks – every three to four months. Ugh. Stupid stall.

I travelled this weekend (which probably helped matters NONE). I put on skorts (in a smaller size than most of my pants) and a t-shirt. I was impressed with the fit, the way it looked – and it has been motivation to keep on trucking (pics are below – never mind the hotel bathroom…) The stall will break, I’ll hit the soft goal (hopefully before I go to the surgeon for my 6 month follow-up) and it will all be okay.

At the nutrition appointment a week or so ago, I lamented how slow the weight was coming off. She quickly pointed out I’ve lost 62% of my excess body weight – and they like to see 50% at the 6 month mark. I guess I’m doing okay.

Keep on trucking…

Thanks for joining me!