So, we’ve been on vacation. And I’ve hit protein goals and kept sipping on water to meet hydration. But…here’s what I notice…there is a serious lack of protein acceptable to post-surgical people at places like amusement parks and ball games. Chicken is breaded and fried. I’ve had a LOT of burgers on this adventure. Admittedly…I […]

Vacation tales…the first 24 hours

We headed out on a family trip to Boston yesterday. Weather delayed us and we didn’t land until 12:30 am…a debacle at the care rental place and we FINALLY got to the hotel at 230am. On the flight, I was in the middle between my youngest and a stranger. His elbow was half in my […]

Thirty Pounds

I’ve made it to Onederland…and have managed to stay there for a minute. I’ve also reached 30 pounds from goal (at least the nutritonist’s goal.). Thirty pounds. Lots of people just want to lose 30 pounds. It still feels daunting in a way… it’s really like 28 That also means I’m more than 90 pounds […]

Double dose

You get two posts tonight… Tonight was support group – for post-op folks only. The topic was strength training – which was timely since I just started moving my body in a purposeful exercise-type way. I came away with some tips and resources. I don’t love support group. Tonight felt good to go… The best […]

Self talk

I spend a lot of time talking myself through situations. It has kept me going through this weight loss journey. It what keeps me from going crazy at the scale. There is all kinds of info about how your body loses weight with and without surgery. One hot topic is the body’s set point. Sometimes […]

Another week

It was a busy week – I had to really work at staying on my meal plan. I did though – made a few adjustments along the way, but I did okay. Monday was my 6 month follow-up with the surgeon. I was not in Onederland..but I am happy where we are. The surgeon was […]

We didn’t die

Whilst watching the scale creep ever so slowly downward, I realized the extra manual labor I exerted over the last week moving furniture out of storage units (not mine) May have been the jump start… So tonight, I leashed the boys – both of our 3 year old labs – 90lbs each – and took […]

Progress of a non-scale variety

In the bariatric world, there is what we call a non-scale victories. They are just what they sound like – progress that doesn’t register on a scale. We tend to get wrapped around the axle about certain things – and the scale is one of them. Like that “soft” goal I’ve been chasing. I try […]


I may have broken the stall. Maybe… the scale is on the move again…hopefully it keeps going for a while now. My new “soft” goal is to be in Onederland by the time I have my six month follow up with the surgeon next week. When I see myself in the mirror without clothes, I […]

Stupid Stall

Remember that “soft” goal? I’m still not there. I’ve had some days where I hover around the same weight, but it will go down after a couple of days. This time, I’ve been hovering within 1/2 pound for 3 weeks. THREE dang weeks. I picked up the “bible” from the nutrition department. I’ve been studying […]