Seeing people again

October – specifically mid October – is a hot mess express in my world. We’re still adjusting to my husband working after being stay-at-home Dad and Coach for 7 years. Our youngest had a hockey tournament in Houston for Columbus Day weekend. We got home Monday and I left Tuesday for a business trip to […]

Being real

What do you see? (Besides the bathroom that needs picked up…) I’m going to be real…I see the belly that while I’ve lost 110 (!) pounds is still obvious to me in person and in pictures. I see the hips that still look wide…and to a degree…not a lot of difference from my minds memory […]

Catching up

I’m not sure how this will flow just now…will it be one big post or several. I have been struggling to come up with content so I kind of hope it’s multiple… In no particular order…I had to go to the PX today to pick up meds. The last time I allowed myself to wander […]

Time always gets away from me…

I knew it had been a while. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked back that it had just been a little over a month…that’s not great…but I really thought it had been longer. So that’s something… Let’s see. Shortly after the last post, I had the pleasure of taking my boys to Disney World. […]

I surprised myself

I had an email from Old Navy letting me know their jeans were half off yesterday. Most of my shorts (and some tanks and dresses) this summer were from Old Navy…and before that it had been YEARS since I bought anything at Old Navy…not even the yearly patriotic T-shirt’s. They didn’t fit…I even avoided shopping […]

One Year Ago

ONE year ago… there can be such a difference in just a year One year ago, I went to see a surgeon. I had pain and after a couple of different doctors, I landed in the surgeon’s office on the next stop to find the pain. My weight wasn’t a huge topic of conversation when […]

Vacation Part 2

This vacation was a lot more family time. It was very relaxing and a lot easier to work the meal plan. Holiday barbecues…luckily they are full of protein. And they are full of family. It was a great visit. I’m working my way home. Early flights in the morning and the kids are staying with […]

What a change

Vacation packing used to consist of throwing whatever for in a suitcase…I may or may not remember a swim suit…and it was more capris than shorts. We are leaving for family vacation today. I started organizing Thursday, which is totally uncharacteristic…I’m normally throwing it in a suitcase on the way out the door. I was […]


I’ve seen some memes in the last week or so that kind of spoke to me. I’ve talked about it before – this whole weight loss surgery process is a lot of MENTAL work. There is a lot of physical work, but there is a whole lot of mental work. I decided to go “public” […]