Update on skin removal

I had skin removal surgery on 7 January. I think it’s gone pretty well. I’m not sure the surgeon would agree.

The drains sucked. One cause a good deal of pain…and it got pulled early. The other one came out at about two weeks – our discussions were much longer than 2 weeks there was a concern for infection.

A week later, I was back with a seroma – a fluid collection under the skin. We decided that since it came so quick, he’d put in a different drain. Well, my body wigged out and swelled up and we had to pull it out.

We thought we were good. I noticed I was still swollen on the one side. I was finally able to show it to the surgeon…now we’re contemplating a revision. It’s an ice storm in TX right now. And that means the world shuts down. So my appointment got pushed to next week.

I know that sounds not so good – but I have had a pretty easy time. The pain has been essentially non-existent, except for the drains and reacting to them. The 24 inch incision has healed with our trouble. I was able to get back to work pretty quickly…taking breaks and working from home. I don’t do well being down for long and believe at a certain point if I stay down then I’ll keep being down to my detriment. Gotta get moving and stay moving…just slowly.

Here’s hoping we don’t really need the revision. But if I do…We’ll get it taken care of.

Thanks for joining me in my journey!


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