Looking back…and a little travel

Facebook memories are my favorite. They have wonderful little glimpses of my kids when they were little and/or hysterically funny and they also show me how far I’ve come.

Two years ago…and I can hardly believe it’s been two years…we had the annual banquet for work. I remember that day and that top. I had bought the top around the time I had surgery looking forward to the day I would wear it. Banquet day came and it was just nearly too big. It was also the last banquet we had…stupid Covid. And I would lose 30-40 more pounds from bere

This weekend my youngest had a hockey tournament. Up to this point, even during travel, I was pretty good at staying on my food plan. This weekend started rough with a late arrival and going non-stop with not great food options.

By Sunday, I woke up not feeling well…too many carb-laden foods, not enough good protein (had multiple shakes a day…just not good protein). Eating on the run proved to be a challenge.

It’s still rough today. By now, I’m questioning whether it’s strictly the food or if it’s got anything to do with the Covid vaccination.

We go to Chicago in May. I’m going to have to do a better job with my diet. Still on the journey…

Thanks for joining me on the journey!


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