So, we’ve been on vacation. And I’ve hit protein goals and kept sipping on water to meet hydration.

But…here’s what I notice…there is a serious lack of protein acceptable to post-surgical people at places like amusement parks and ball games. Chicken is breaded and fried. I’ve had a LOT of burgers on this adventure. Admittedly…I default to the same foods when I’m at home…but I LIKE those. I don’t love burgers anymore. I’ll eat them but I don’t love them.

Also in amusement parks and ball games most things look like they are slathered and cooked in grease. I haven’t done almost any of that since surgery (rightly so…). Since I’m not sure how that will affect me…I stick with what works. I’m scared of hot dogs good. And with burgers and dogs, half of the yummy ness is the bread…that’s not great for me either. When you don’t have the bread, it becomes much less of a finger food and more of an adventure to eat…

I’m doing okay…just frustrated about another hamburger. We had delicious steak last night. And I have made my own meals out of side Caesar salads and adding shrimp or chicken. Stuff like that should be an option at a ball game. Yes…I hear myself. 🙂 I’ve been protein-loading in the mornings for a while. It help in situations like this to ensure goals are met when circumstances aren’t too cooperative…I can’t live in a bubble.

Thanks for joining me!


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