The Next Year Starts

I’m three weeks past my surgery anniversary. I had a visit with another doctor today who asked some questions I wasn’t prepared for; the most unprepared was “how much more weight do you plan to lose?”

Ummmmm….I dunno. I was happy with my progress 20 pounds ago. The nutritionist said I should aim for 166 because that’s exactly where I land at a “normal” BMI. I’ve been hanging out 3-5 pounds above that for a month. And truly, I said 20 pounds ago, if it stopped now, I’d be thrilled with the progress.

The whole process has been a lot of self talk and a lot of being real with myself. There have been a lot of internal discussions about what is important to me. I spend a lot of time contemplating the random quotes I find different places.

One of those quotes says something about be proud of yourself every step of the way. Duh…that gets so lost in life.

Then I found this picture…I remember this day. First – the wind would NOT cooperate – but it was March in Texas… AND – I was super stoked about being in that dress. It was 4 mos after surgery.

Then…I was given our family photos from Sunday. Woah…

I’m so thankful I chose to do the surgery. It’s not been an easy road… I believe I am where I was meant to be. Growth and progress…it comes in a lot of shapes and sizes.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.


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