2020 has been a doozie

Like everyone else, 2020 has been a doozie. There were some struggles early in the year – but when Corona hit and shut down schools, and really anything else, we reached a level of complexity we don’t often encounter.

Like so many people, we had to balance work, home, family and ADD crisis schooling for any of our kids. It was disorganized and nutty. But, we made it.

In my groups, I’d seen a lot of people posting about Corona Gain. I considered myself on track – and mostly was.

I was supposed to have surgery in July to take care of the pain (hopefully) that sent me on the great journey to where I am today. For so many reasons, I decided pretty last minute to cancel the surgery. When I cancelled it, I didn’t have a new date. When the pain came, right on time, I was sooo upset I had canceled the surgery.

And life got busy. Summer ended. My husband returned to work as a teacher. My mother-in-law lives with us and she’s in the end stage of dementia – which brings it’s own challenges and experiences. Work had some struggles – and I was over pretty much everything.

As the tide has started to turn (it has, but 2020 is STILL raging), I finally stepped back on the scale. It’s been a minute. I had been hovering at 170 – and it was at 175! There I was…now I had Corona Gain.

I recommitted – quit the struggle eating of candy bars (always the bite sized), cut down on chips, went back to my protein snacks, made sure I had my meatballs for lunch AND cut out the Oreos I was eating at bed time. Today, after about a week, I’m back to 171.

It’s important – regardless of the issue in your life – when you find yourself off track that you get back on track. I know I have to work on my negative self talk – I know it won’t help me. I went back to the woman who made a decision to work on herself – and made the decision to go back to basics. Luckily, I wasn’t too far gone.

I committed at the beginning of the year to taking care of me. Corona kind of screwed that up. I need the one surgery and the skin removal – should have been this summer. Now it has to wait for the first surgery and then two months. The first surgery is scheduled for the end of September.

I hope that YOU are taking care of you. Take the step. Make the decision. Thanks for joining me on this journey.


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