Man…I missed it.

I had planned to have a post reflecting on the last two years for the anniversary of my surgery and I missed it.

Life has been crazy busy. I’m a wife and a mom. My kids have school (currently in person…but who knows) and activities. My mother-in-law is in the final stages of dementia and she lives with us. I’m a property manager in the middle of a software transition that’s been a little rocky…not to mention the effects of the pandemic. And I’m a friend, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, niece, daughter. You know all the titles everyone holds. And whenever you feel unimportant…you should really list them. It is kind of humbling.

The point of all that…when too many of them converge, you have to have an outlet. One of my favorites used to be food. I used to eat all the feelings, all the challenges, all the troubles. I met with my mother-in-law’s hospice nurse today. After discussing her and asking a couple of questions about our family life, he asked how I coped. Coincidentally, this week when processing a problem, I realized I reached for water, protein bars and cheese sticks throughout the day but I didn’t binge and I didn’t binge on junk. I thought about how far I have come. Food sustains me and keeps me moving. It’s not the crutch it used to be to try to make me feel better

I’d love to say I gear up and go for a good run…that’s not what really happens. Maybe…if I can get organized, someday that will be a thing. I kind of feel like I play whack-a-mole….taking care of life as it comes.

I’m proud to be where I am. I’m pleased with myself for making the changes and losing the weight…and most of all sticking with it. A lot of people say they regret not doing it sooner. I don’t. I wasn’t ready any sooner. For me, it was the exact right time for me to be able to sustain…

Thanks for joining me on the journey.


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