There’s a story…

There always is, right? Wayyyy back when my husband and I got married, he went to Korea (six weeks after the wedding…) for a one year unaccompanied tour. I found these wool jumpers on his favorite website, L.L. Bean. Paired with a black turtleneck and black tights…I loved it. He came back, life happened, jobs […]

Bored Surgeon

It’s a little early since my surgery was 11/5/18, but to day was my 2 year gastric bypass follow up. My actual surgeon is deployed, so I met one of the other surgeons. He told me he was bored. I’m sure even the little bit he could see of my face (because of the mask) […]

Some days

I’m coming up quickly on two years since my surgery. There are some challenges and a lot of them are mental. I’ve discovered a renewed interest in clothes – and a departure for me – it’s not all jeans and t-shirts. I have acquired – and WEAR – dresses! Partially because of the COVID situation, […]


I do find I tend to stress eat. Even now. I try to make better choices – like protein snacks vs candy. Alcohol hits me super hard and I have never enjoyed feeling out of control, so that’s out. I’m back to where I was when I was in my 20s…I didn’t love how I […]

2020 has been a doozie

Like everyone else, 2020 has been a doozie. There were some struggles early in the year – but when Corona hit and shut down schools, and really anything else, we reached a level of complexity we don’t often encounter. Like so many people, we had to balance work, home, family and ADD crisis schooling for […]

Where does time go?

I can’t believe I haven’t written in so long! We’re past the 18 mos mark. I had some ideas for the anniversary of that fateful visit to the surgeon that led to Gastric Bypass…but I missed that. This year has kept me on my toes and guessing. I was going through some pictures last night […]

The Next Year Starts

I’m three weeks past my surgery anniversary. I had a visit with another doctor today who asked some questions I wasn’t prepared for; the most unprepared was “how much more weight do you plan to lose?” Ummmmm….I dunno. I was happy with my progress 20 pounds ago. The nutritionist said I should aim for 166 […]


I enjoy traveling – I always have. Being post gastric bypass surgery presents it’s own set of challenges and issues. On the positive…it’s a LOT more comfortable to be on a plane. Getting closer to surgery, I had to ask for a seatbelt extender and couldn’t use the pull down table. Food though…it’s still a […]

It’s been a year…

Today, a year ago, I had gastric bypass surgery. At that point, only select people in my life knew what was happening. Now…I’m putting it all out there… I started the journey at 287 pounds. By the time I got to surgery, I was 265. Today, I’m at 171. When asked, I always start at […]

Looking back

I am approaching the ONE year mark. I’ve been doing the countdown all over again without really thinking about it. One year ago… I started my liver-shrinking diet on the 22nd of October last year. It was a lot of shakes, a whole lotta water, no caffeine and just a little actual food. The drop […]