Same shirt

The top picture was from Last summer…before I even decided or even thought about the surgery.

The bottom picture is from last weekend.

Same shirt.

Seeing the difference in the same shirt always catches my attention.

This is why it’s important to keep taking pictures through your journey. Sometimes it’s hard to see the changes…having something to compare it too makes all the difference.

Meeting yourself where you are

I’ve heard a version of the phrase “meet <them> where they are in a couple of different situations – mostly related to kids and relating to kids. It applies to us too.

I find myself wishing for whatever – the school year to be over (it’s been a rough year for one of my kids and while I have (tried to) NEVER wished time away, I find myself wishing this year to finish. I find myself wishing I was further along in this journey. A little self talk later, I realize I need to meet myself where I am and to find peace, as described above. I am lucky and I work hard – challenges make me appreciate what I have and where I am, when I look at it correctly.

A client came in today. I made a comment about it being hard that his wife has had Alzheimer’s for a while. He said you can’t think like that. Your thoughts are what sets the tone – your thoughts control your feelings. If you control your thoughts and make them positive, then you control your feelings. I do spend a good deal of time trying to see the positive and focusing on the positive – but it’s a struggle some days.

Meet yourself where you are. Focus on the positive. Life is too short, at least in my opinion, to focus on the negative for too long!

Thanks for joining me.



Sometimes we just need a reminder to keep ourselves going.

I know I do. Kids, dogs, husband, the crazy lady that lives in our house, the house itself, life in general…it all tends to pile on and I forget…I forget I’m important. I forget how important getting in all my foods and nutrients is. It’s how most of us fall off the wagon…whichever wagon we’re on.

I especially need the reminder when I fight the same dang pound for a week. I’m still not at that soft goal…I’m still the same distance away struggling with the same blasted pounds.

I was super proud of myself…even after all the housework and yard work this weekend, I got up with my alarm. I got as far as the bathroom before I remembered the TV was on the circuit we killed because the alarm system lost its mind. So I went back to bed…before I realized I had other options. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be fully conscious.

Remember the message above, friends! We are all all of those things.

Thanks for joining me!



I’ve long struggled with energy levels. I’m good for burning the candle wherever I can get it lit…always have been.

My kids (now 11 & almost 13) are 17 mos apart. For a long time, I didn’t think I would ever have enough sleep. Now they keep us running with activities.

I’ve had the same job since June 2012. I go nonstop there too.

For extra fun, I’ve struggled to keep iron levels where they should be…which makes me tired when they are low. I also have hypothyroidism which can make me tired.

Last week, we came home and I encouraged hubby to trim the bushes….I was right there with him when before, I would crap out part way through. This weekend, we took on organizing the house. I went nonstop on my tasks and the closet under the stairs is finally organized. It’s wonderful to go in there.

I’m tired but I kept moving. I wasn’t so exhausted I couldn’t carry on. I look forward to tackling more areas of the house and yard. With a busy family, some things just get left behind. I’m super glad to be feeling better and have more energy despite the anemia and thyroid that would normally slow me down.

Thanks for joining me!



This week, I went to an appointment with the Nutritionist. The weight loss surgery program encourages following up regularly. I’m actually a little overdue.

The nutrition team is very helpful for us leading up to surgery. They’ve written a handbook that has a lot of great info about nutrition and vitamins. Whether you have Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass, you have some vitamin requirements due to the change in your digestive system. Gastric Bypass is more restrictive, which means malabsorption is more of a problem; and that means a vitamin problem.

There is a list of recommended vitamins that are often deficient with a new stomach, digestive process and limited diet. I’ve tried to piece it together as best I could – the good news I wasn’t low on any – on the other hand, in an effort to check all the boxes, I was taking too much of some things.

Hair loss is a super fun side effect of the surgery. I’m also just about a year into hypothyroidism which also causes hair loss. I thought fixing the thyroid fixed it, then I had the surgery. The hair loss was a discussion point today – and it’s a mystery. So – I guess we wait for labs in May to try to figure out the rest. Meanwhile – I’ll drop the excess vitamins and see where we go.

Labs are done in May and then I’ll follow up with the surgeon, nutrition and probably my PCM to try to figure out the anemia. Stay tuned!

Thanks for joining me!


Different Milestones

We all fall into routines. In our house, we trickle home from our respective activities, start dinner, and get everyone ready for bed. It’s fairly sedentary – we are all tired when we get home and just tick the time off for bed. Meanwhile, the bushes need trimmed, the spring cleaning needs done, the raised garden needs finished – all the things get put off for the weekend, or next week, or whenever and “whenever” never really comes.

Tonight, the weather was beautiful. I changed clothes and for a change, I didn’t feel like just sitting around. After some encouragement (me) and moaning (Hubby), we headed out and trimmed all the scrappy overgrown bushes in the front yard. We even wrangled the boys to help with clean up. It’s been a while since I had energy to do anything after I got home. It felt so wonderful to get that done.

I look forward to more of that in the future!

Thank you for joining me!



Wednesday was WLS Support Group. I keep trying different sessions trying to see where I fit or feels comfortable, I guess. Tonight was a large group with both pre-surgery and post-surgery people. It was almost over-whelming – lots of big personality, I don’t find it as easy to speak in those forums – which, I know, is logically ridiculous. We’ve all been through or are going through the same path for a similar goal – weight loss surgery.

It was in that group in September that I decided to switch from Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass – because of the information from one of the members. It’s also hard to be in the groups because others have lost weight so much faster. I know my body is not following anyone else’s path – but I don’t want to hear it again. One person was 7 mos out and 140 pounds down! Granted, that’s more than I need to lose and she had more to go – but good for her! I just want it to go a little faster and stop hitting stalls and hiccups when I’m on the same plan.

We all need support – regardless of our journey. The weight loss journey requires a special kind of support: encouraging, complimentary, congratulatory. On the receiving end, we need to really HEAR what they are saying and identify that we have made progress. Any progress is excellent progress – keep that in mind.

If you’re reading this and you have questions – please reach out. I’d be glad to answer questions based on my journey – that’s all I know.

Thanks for joining me!